The WINS Project

Welcome to the WINS Project

Many Indonesian children come from very poor families who earn barely enough for food and shelter. Education is not free and going to school is often not an option for these children. Without an education, these children are most likely to remain in poverty.

We are determined to give the disadvantaged children of Indonesia the opportunity to rise above their poverty and live up to their full potential.  

The WINS vision is to make a difference by supporting these children to receive a good education, giving them a chance to create a brighter future for themselves.

The WINS program

The objective of WINS is to teach the children to become self-sufficient and responsible for their own future.

As well as receiving their regular schooling, we offer additional lessons for the children after school that includes;

     •     Sexual education;

     •     Culture;

     •     English and computer skills;

     •     Future perspective coaching

     •     Care for the environment, the planet and personal hygiene.

One of our policies is that each Learning Center must eventually become self-sufficient and be able to cover its own daily operational costs without ongoing assistance from WINS.

Our aim is that eventually each Learning Center is able to ‘do it on their own’ through the establishment of an independent source of income which we also assist them to create.

The WINS Learning Centers

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